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We’re baaaack!! Lisa and I had an AWESOME vacation, but we are so ready to worship with you all tomorrow!! I am so thankful for Stephen Splawn filling in for me last week, and I’m also glad that all of you got to meet him and his wonderful family!! If you missed his message, you can find it on our Facebook page, website, or Church App. It’s so funny how God works!! Stephen preached a message of forgiveness last week, and knowing that I would be on vacation this week, I had already prepared a message that goes hand in hand with what Stephen spoke about last week, not knowing until later in the week what he would be preaching! Clearly God’s message of forgiveness and restoration is being presented for some of you for a reason! This Sunday morning we’ll be looking at Matthew 18:15-22, which deals with relationships. As I mentioned a few weeks ago (the reason why I felt led to preach this message this week), God knows that relationships are hard. Anytime you gather a group of people together from various backgrounds, personalities, and life experiences, you are bound to have conflict…even in the church!! Because of this, Jesus provides the formula for dealing with conflict in a healthy way that brings about forgiveness and restoration, all for God’s glory!!